Saturday, April 4, 2015


I am inspired by many fashion eras… being the 80’s.  As a little girl, I can remember sitting in front of the television on Wednesday nights to watch Dynasty. I couldn’t wait for Joan Collins character “Alexis” to enter the room to witness the SLAYAGE of the week. She would rock a perfectly tailored suit, accessorized with gloves and a sharp hat. I’d say to myself, “Man, I want to look like her when I grow up”. She was BAAAAD…literally! Not only for her over the top style but she was one of the original TV villains. Today’s look is totally inspired by Alexis Carrington! I fell in love with this 80's vintage peplum blazer when I pulled it for a client of mine. The more I saw the endless styling possibilities; I knew it had to be included to my own personal wardrobe. I added a modern flare by pairing it with these satin tapered pants. I also did a little color blocking and pattern mixing with my black and white checkered clutch, and white pearl necklace. The veiled fascinator was the cherry on top to my Alexis Carrington inspired look. 

For one of a kind vintage pieces be sure to stop by STYLE MARQUI'
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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hello Fashion Lovers!!!
I started a weekly post titled "KSA Style" on Instagram and due to request for details on the looks, I've decided to start posting the looks on the blog also. These looks are from the last 3 weeks.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello Fashion Lovers!!!
Jacket on FLEEK!!! (That’s what the youngsters say, right? Lol!)
Anywho!! When asked what my fashion style is I describe myself as CLASSY and CHIC, sprinkled with EDGE!! This jacket fits my style personality to a T because it embodies all 3 descriptions. The sequin sleeves are definitely classic and chic, and the military style gives it that edge. I decided to style it with monochromatic shades of grey (my shirt, jeans and shoes) to give the pewter sequin sleeves an extra pop!


Hope you guys enjoyed the look!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hello Fashion Lovers!!!

This past fall I was invited to attend the Women That Soar luncheon and I wanted to wear something different. After looking for a few weeks without any luck, I decided to have this skirt made. My inspiration for the look came from a talented designer out of Atlanta by the name of Nicci Hou. If you’ve seen her work you know she makes beautiful hi-low skirts with cascading trains that will drag for days. When having my skirt made, I opted not to have a long train so I could get more wear out of it. This skirt can be worn year round for different occasions. For the luncheon, I styled it with a black blazer and pointy toe pumps. Today I went for a different look with strappy sandals and this off the shoulder top. In the summer I may pair it with a simple tank and wedge sandals. Honestly the list goes on and on with styling options for this head turner. Oh, and when you walk it has a whimsical flow that’ll make you feel
Gone With The Wind Fabulous!...
Twirl and Twirl! lol!
Shout out to Chelita Lanice of Silent Reign Designs for my skirt!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hello Fashion Lovers!!!!
 I got that feeling and its called Spring fever!! I’m so ready for spring to get here that I don’t know what to do.  The weather here in Texas has been crazy! It’s so bipolar...seriously! We literally go from one day the temperature being close to the 70, and the next day a winter storm is sweeping through with ice and snow. 
I’m over it!
Today I was feeling a little feverish!  I’m hoping I can usher in some beautiful warm weather with this fit and flare trench coat dress.  The floral print, vibrant colors and the flirty silhouette says HELLO SPRING! I completed the look with my satin bow platform heels and floral cat eye sunnies…..and of course, a nice vibrant lippie never hurt nobody:)


Hope you enjoyed the look and thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, February 20, 2015


At the first of the year I took some time away from blogging because I’d been asking myself what more could I do. I would constantly say “There has to be more to this than just putting on clothes and taking pictures”.  I prayed for direction and also spoke with a fellow blogger and explained to her my desire to get on more of a personal level with my followers. I knew I would be stepping outside my comfort zone as I am a very private person but what I've discovered over the years, is that people are more alike than not and we deal with the same issues, struggles and insecurities.
Today I want to talk about dealing with negative energy.
Recently a friend of mine asked me how I deal with negative people and my response was "I don't". She said didn’t understand why some people seem to find joy in beating you down instead of giving a little praise. She expressed how she has people in her life that want her support but can't give it in return. I'm blogging on this topic today because I find it to be a popular topic amongst many. We see this behavior from people in our personal lives, as well as our professional lives. If you're on social media I'm sure you see more negative comments than positive. It's like people wake up in the morning and say "Who can I tear down today?" Before ending the conversation she said “Maybe I’m just too sensitive”. I told her she's not alone as I too am very sensitive myself. Despite what it looks like on the outside, I’m pretty mushy on the inside and my feelings are easily hurt.  I told her over the years I’ve realized the negative energy has nothing to do with me personally, but everything to do with the one giving off negative energy. THEY’RE not happy, THEY’RE miserable, THEY’RE dealing with insecurities. They could be going through something in their personal life, or maybe they’re repeating what they experienced growing up. Some people choose to break the cycle of their past and some keep repeating the only thing they know.  In my younger days I would continue dealing with negative friends, co-workers and family members but now that I’m older, I have a mental UNFRIEND/BLOCK button….and I’m quick to use it! Lol! Only positive vibes over here!  I will only deal with negative people if necessary. Now I’m not saying my way is the right way, or the best way to handle negative people but it works best for me.  Life is too short to entertain the negative. It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand a kind word or a little support can truly make a big difference in someones life.
Make sure you surround yourself with positive people, dismiss the negative and keep
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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Hello Fashion lovers!!!
“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”
-Coco Chanel 
She couldn’t have said it better!
The simple contrast of black and white has always made a bold statement. It’s so chic and I’ve always loved the way Chanel plays with the two. Her pieces are classic and they have that edge factor KSA lives for. Today I’m showing you my Chanel inspired look.  I wore this color block jacket as a dress and paired it with these knee high boots. I completed the look by accessorizing with my FFF (fabulous, funky and fly) studded bow gloves!


Thanks for stopping by! 

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